Sunday, March 11, 2007

World War Two Skirmish

This weekend was a big weekend for the boys from Townsville. We played two large games, WWII on Saturday and Ancients today. The normal crowd turned up, Leroy Simpson, John Williams, Myself, Terry Moran (for a short period) and Spyros Staikos (flew up from Sydney for the weekend)

1st Corps British Infantry painted by Leroy

As mentioned Saturdays game was set in WWII, June 1944 and a number of days after June 6. The British, played by Leroy and Spyros, mission was to advance forward, with two platoons of infantry, and clear two small clusters of farm houses. For support they were provided with a 6pdr & tractor, two Sherman's, one Churchill, one Cromwell, one Stuart tank and one Achilles tank destroyer. Also a 3inch mortar and two vickers machine guns were added to their side.

Black Tree Miniatures German mortar line, painted by John Williams

The Germans forces, played by myself and commanded by John, consisted of one veteran platoon of infantry, a heavy machine gun section (three guns), pioneer section, mortar section and in support, two Panthers, one Jag Panther and a recce platoon which provided two motorcycles, a 222 armoured car, and a swim wagon.

Corgi Sherman's take up firing positions behind the burning wrecks of a Stuart tank (Hart models) and Universal carrier. Sherman's repainted by John.

All the terrain was either built or painted by Leroy, who also painted many all of the British vehicles (except the two Sherman's). and the majority of the Tommie's. The remainder of the figures and vehicles were painted by John. John also provided the terrain boards

Bandai Jagpanzer rolls forward to engage one of the British Sherman's. Both the bunker and Jagpanzer, were built and painted by Leroy.


Gaston De Foix said...

What rules were you using?

Vinnie said...

The rules we were using was a set that my friend, Micheal Edwards, is developing called 'Panzer One' the rules are about 80% finished and are still in the play testing stage. They play fairly smothly and work on a point system, so that you could use them in a competition.

All the best


FOFEBA said...
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FOFEBA said...

Those ww2 vehicles and figures look great. I must say that they dont,t look as good as EDDIES though.

I heard that the rules are great as well.

Cheers big ears.

Vinnie said...

Thanks FOFEBA,
Good to hear from another WW2 buff and I would have to agree that Eddie does enjoy making vehicles for himself, but a bit of a toss up between him and Leroy.


FOFEBA said...

You have got to be kidding. Once the pupil now the master.


leroy said...

I really enjoy your Blog Nathan, especially since I am seeing so much of Leroy's stuff. His work is so good and I have heard he a really top bloke.


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