Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Vendel Eastern Phalangites

I have just finished basing the Vendel Eastern Phanlangities, which I had painted by Leroy Simpson. Vendel has created a great range to cover the Alexander and Successor periods. The figures are large and very easy to paint, so are friendly to those of us who are slow painters. They also are available in four different packs. Pike upright (or fourth rank), third rank, second rank and front rank. If you purchase all packs then this configuration gives a nice look to the unit, with all the pike coming down at different angles. There is also about four different head variants in each pack all wearing a combination different helmets.

If you are keen on this period I recommend purchasing the figures from Vendel or at least having a good look at the wide range they provide. At about $17.50 Australian for eight figures this makes the range very attractive.

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