Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday's Napoleonic's

Today myself, Brian Buskell, Leroy Simpson and Peter Hall played a fairly large game of Napoleonics. The game was roughly based on the British Army of the South, in 1814, pushing up over the boarders of Spain and into southern France. The French forces in the area were to hold a small town and try and stop the English advance. Brian and Peter fielded three English divisions of Infantry (plus 1 x brigade of Portuguese) and one brigade of cavalry against myself and Leroy, fielding the French forces, with only two divisions (1 x infantry & one cavalry).

The French forces were set up in defence of the village, two battalions occupied two town sections with another three placed in support. There was also a light cavalry brigade placed left of the town, also in support. More French forces were to come one during later turns, which consisted of three Middle Guard battalions, one Old Guard battalion, one line battalion, a Guards light cavalry brigade and four regiments of Dragoons. Old guard fighting with out out Napoleon? I know, we are short on French line battalions up here and have to paint some more up. But it did even up the odds against the British.

The British forces, under the command of Brian, came on fast, with the Light Division leading. On their right came a Guards brigade, Highland brigade and a normal Line brigade. Then to their left Peter deployed one brigade of Line, one Brigade of Portuguese and three regiments of cavalry. Brian's first objective was the town and his Light Division through themselves into the fray. After a couple of turns two of the town sections were taken, but by the next two rounds the French had pushed them back out of the town.

Our game continued from 1130am to 4pm with French and English forces fighting hard and bloody across the board. The French finally forced the Light Division to break in the center, but Brian's forces, to the right of the town, were to much for the French. By the end of the day myself and Leroy had lost most of our cavalry and most of the guard infantry. But we still held the town, however it was decided that another two rounds would of seen that town cut off , so we decided to withdraw and call it a day.

Vistula Legion from Elite Miniatures and painted by Leroy Simpson

Pre 1812 Portuguese Line (Elite Miniatures) painted by Brian Buskell

Highland Battalion produced by Front Rank Minatures and painted by Brian Buskell

French Hussars from Elite Miniatures and painted by Leroy Simpson


Gaston De Foix said...

Nathan, I beleive your deployment was flawed, what was lacking was real military genius and a flank march from Sydney.....
Looks like fun. Catch up soon.

Vinnie said...

Andrew I think you are right. I was wearing my shako the wrong way and the my flank march missed the flight from Sydney (they were flying Jetstar and arrived 30mins before the flight was due to fly out. Thus were not allowed on the flight. Last time I will go for the cheap prices). But the game was good. Thanks Andrew.