Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Struggle For Greece

Well after two weeks of no games being played we finally played our first game again today. The battle being played was from the campaign we have been playing, here in Townsville. I have longed to play a campaign which involves the struggle for Greece. But we have never been able to field enough forces to do so. However after a few years of painting, we were finally ready to put our troops to the test.

The campaign map

I have set up the campaign with three major Greek armies (Athens, Sparta and Macedonia) and one Barbarian army (Illyrians). The Greeks started with 1500pts each and moved from their own capitals. They were allowed to make two moves per turn (a move was from one territory to another). When you moved into territory, it was yours and you gained 100pts to add to your army list. The Barbarian army consisted of 2500pts and was played by random dice rolls for direction. They gained no points when moving into a territory, but if you owned that land you lost any points gained for that territory.

The Illyrian Army (all 1st Corps Miniatures, painted by Leroy)

The Macedonian Army (majority A&A Miniatures, painted by myself)

Subsequently with my Macedonians moving around in the north I was soon to run into the Illyrians and thus today's battle was played. The Illyrians were played by Leroy and Peter and started with 2500pts. I was only able to muster 2200pts, as much of my land had been raided by the Illyrians. I fielded three pike (32 figures each), two units of cavalry (12 figures each), two light and one unit of Thracian's (20 figures). The Illyrians came to battle with five units of infantry (36 figures each), one noble cavalry unit (10 figures) and three skirmisher units.

My Thracian's running away from a warband charge ( Castaway Arts Thracian's and 1st Corps Celts)

The game started well for me as my cavalry soon destroyed Leroy's, but it was to be his infantry and some very lucky dice rolling from Peter, which I think saved the day for them. I just could not break through his line. After just over three hours of battle I think I may of been getting the upper hand. But with both side still having a number of troops still on the board and light fading fast we decided on a dice roll, to see who would hold the battlefield and claim victory. So in the end it was the Illyrians who were forced to lick their wounds and head for home, leaving the Macedonians to claim victory.

Macedonian Army advances and the Illyrians await their charge.

Macedonian cavalry tries to break through.


Gaston De Foix said...

Good Job Boys,
If you want someone to provide remote management of one of the nations I would love to assist.
Andrew Parr

Gaston De Foix said...

Good Job Boys,
If you want someone to provide remote direction for one of the NPC's I would love to.
Andrew Parr

Vinnie said...

Andrew Old Boy,
If your are keen, you can take over the Illyrians? Alway after new players