Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Struggle For Greece

Well after two weeks of no games being played we finally played our first game again today. The battle being played was from the campaign we have been playing, here in Townsville. I have longed to play a campaign which involves the struggle for Greece. But we have never been able to field enough forces to do so. However after a few years of painting, we were finally ready to put our troops to the test.

The campaign map

I have set up the campaign with three major Greek armies (Athens, Sparta and Macedonia) and one Barbarian army (Illyrians). The Greeks started with 1500pts each and moved from their own capitals. They were allowed to make two moves per turn (a move was from one territory to another). When you moved into territory, it was yours and you gained 100pts to add to your army list. The Barbarian army consisted of 2500pts and was played by random dice rolls for direction. They gained no points when moving into a territory, but if you owned that land you lost any points gained for that territory.

The Illyrian Army (all 1st Corps Miniatures, painted by Leroy)

The Macedonian Army (majority A&A Miniatures, painted by myself)

Subsequently with my Macedonians moving around in the north I was soon to run into the Illyrians and thus today's battle was played. The Illyrians were played by Leroy and Peter and started with 2500pts. I was only able to muster 2200pts, as much of my land had been raided by the Illyrians. I fielded three pike (32 figures each), two units of cavalry (12 figures each), two light and one unit of Thracian's (20 figures). The Illyrians came to battle with five units of infantry (36 figures each), one noble cavalry unit (10 figures) and three skirmisher units.

My Thracian's running away from a warband charge ( Castaway Arts Thracian's and 1st Corps Celts)

The game started well for me as my cavalry soon destroyed Leroy's, but it was to be his infantry and some very lucky dice rolling from Peter, which I think saved the day for them. I just could not break through his line. After just over three hours of battle I think I may of been getting the upper hand. But with both side still having a number of troops still on the board and light fading fast we decided on a dice roll, to see who would hold the battlefield and claim victory. So in the end it was the Illyrians who were forced to lick their wounds and head for home, leaving the Macedonians to claim victory.

Macedonian Army advances and the Illyrians await their charge.

Macedonian cavalry tries to break through.

Monday, March 12, 2007

More shots from Sundays game

As I said in the last post, I promised to put up some more photos from Sundays game so I hope you like them. I still have to fix up the lighting in dinning room, as the pictures are still a little dark - sorry.

The Macedonian Army move forward. (A&A Miniatures Companions and Tin Soldier Companions side by side)

A&A Miniatures Thessalians move to flank the Spartan battle line. Figures painted by myself.

Two great shots of Ist Corps Hoplites, painted and based by Leroy Simpson. It is a shame that these great figures have gone off the market again. Leroy has hand painted all the hoplite shields.

The battle lines about to clash

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Clash of the Titans

Sundays game was one of the biggest games we had played, in WAB, for a number of years. Both sides comprised of armies at 6200 points. One Spartan and Allied and the other was Macedonian and their allies. Myself and Spyros played the Macedonians and Leroy and John played the Spartans. Considering the size of the game the rules flowed very well with only a few stops and starts for food and drink breaks.
Leroy's 1st Corp Spartans. He fielded four units of Spartan and five normal Hoplite units.

The games lasted from 12pm to 4.30pm. In truth the main reason the game was so short is that I defeated Leroy's Spartan King's unit in battle and then caught/killed him in the follow on movement. This little action caused Leroy's and John's army to conduct a leadership test, which almost half failed and ran off the field. Sorry Leroy I have never seen a Spartan Army defeated so quickly (maybe next time).

A&A Miniatures Macedonian pike, painted by myself.

1st Corps Greek Cavalry, painted by Leroy.

A&A Miniatures Companions, painted by me.

I will post some more photos of this game tomorrow

World War Two Skirmish

This weekend was a big weekend for the boys from Townsville. We played two large games, WWII on Saturday and Ancients today. The normal crowd turned up, Leroy Simpson, John Williams, Myself, Terry Moran (for a short period) and Spyros Staikos (flew up from Sydney for the weekend)

1st Corps British Infantry painted by Leroy

As mentioned Saturdays game was set in WWII, June 1944 and a number of days after June 6. The British, played by Leroy and Spyros, mission was to advance forward, with two platoons of infantry, and clear two small clusters of farm houses. For support they were provided with a 6pdr & tractor, two Sherman's, one Churchill, one Cromwell, one Stuart tank and one Achilles tank destroyer. Also a 3inch mortar and two vickers machine guns were added to their side.

Black Tree Miniatures German mortar line, painted by John Williams

The Germans forces, played by myself and commanded by John, consisted of one veteran platoon of infantry, a heavy machine gun section (three guns), pioneer section, mortar section and in support, two Panthers, one Jag Panther and a recce platoon which provided two motorcycles, a 222 armoured car, and a swim wagon.

Corgi Sherman's take up firing positions behind the burning wrecks of a Stuart tank (Hart models) and Universal carrier. Sherman's repainted by John.

All the terrain was either built or painted by Leroy, who also painted many all of the British vehicles (except the two Sherman's). and the majority of the Tommie's. The remainder of the figures and vehicles were painted by John. John also provided the terrain boards

Bandai Jagpanzer rolls forward to engage one of the British Sherman's. Both the bunker and Jagpanzer, were built and painted by Leroy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Vendel Eastern Phalangites

I have just finished basing the Vendel Eastern Phanlangities, which I had painted by Leroy Simpson. Vendel has created a great range to cover the Alexander and Successor periods. The figures are large and very easy to paint, so are friendly to those of us who are slow painters. They also are available in four different packs. Pike upright (or fourth rank), third rank, second rank and front rank. If you purchase all packs then this configuration gives a nice look to the unit, with all the pike coming down at different angles. There is also about four different head variants in each pack all wearing a combination different helmets.

If you are keen on this period I recommend purchasing the figures from Vendel or at least having a good look at the wide range they provide. At about $17.50 Australian for eight figures this makes the range very attractive.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday's Napoleonic's

Today myself, Brian Buskell, Leroy Simpson and Peter Hall played a fairly large game of Napoleonics. The game was roughly based on the British Army of the South, in 1814, pushing up over the boarders of Spain and into southern France. The French forces in the area were to hold a small town and try and stop the English advance. Brian and Peter fielded three English divisions of Infantry (plus 1 x brigade of Portuguese) and one brigade of cavalry against myself and Leroy, fielding the French forces, with only two divisions (1 x infantry & one cavalry).

The French forces were set up in defence of the village, two battalions occupied two town sections with another three placed in support. There was also a light cavalry brigade placed left of the town, also in support. More French forces were to come one during later turns, which consisted of three Middle Guard battalions, one Old Guard battalion, one line battalion, a Guards light cavalry brigade and four regiments of Dragoons. Old guard fighting with out out Napoleon? I know, we are short on French line battalions up here and have to paint some more up. But it did even up the odds against the British.

The British forces, under the command of Brian, came on fast, with the Light Division leading. On their right came a Guards brigade, Highland brigade and a normal Line brigade. Then to their left Peter deployed one brigade of Line, one Brigade of Portuguese and three regiments of cavalry. Brian's first objective was the town and his Light Division through themselves into the fray. After a couple of turns two of the town sections were taken, but by the next two rounds the French had pushed them back out of the town.

Our game continued from 1130am to 4pm with French and English forces fighting hard and bloody across the board. The French finally forced the Light Division to break in the center, but Brian's forces, to the right of the town, were to much for the French. By the end of the day myself and Leroy had lost most of our cavalry and most of the guard infantry. But we still held the town, however it was decided that another two rounds would of seen that town cut off , so we decided to withdraw and call it a day.

Vistula Legion from Elite Miniatures and painted by Leroy Simpson

Pre 1812 Portuguese Line (Elite Miniatures) painted by Brian Buskell

Highland Battalion produced by Front Rank Minatures and painted by Brian Buskell

French Hussars from Elite Miniatures and painted by Leroy Simpson