Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wargamimg with Peter Morbey

Last year, May 2006, I was very fortunate to be involved in a tour to England. Whilst over there and during our time off I took a drive up to Doncaster for the weekend and in order to meet up with Peter Morbey, from Elite Miniatures. Peter's family and hospitality was fantastic, I was able to see the master sculptor in action, have a look at some of the new ranges he had in development and of course we played a small game. My forces, however were totally crushed in the game, being the first game using "In the Grand Manner" rules I had played and not realizing how powerful a single battery of artillery can be. By the time I came within musket shot of Peter's troops, he had already destroyed three of my battalions. But I did manage to take some great shots of the game and his figures.

Portuguese Line Battalion
Royal Horse artillery Battery and Limber
French Line Battalion
British Firing Line
French Line


Pieter-Michiel said...

I love the terrain board green grass without flock. I would love toknow how its done. I am inclined to guess wall mud, sand and three colors in lighter tone with a drybrush.
But again beautiful.

Vinnie said...

Sorry mate but I'm not sure how Peter made the tiles, that was something I forgot to ask, but should of, they did look great. However I think you are on the money.

All the best