Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Republican Rome VS Carthage

This morning, myself and John Williams, played a 3000pts game. The two opposing sides were made up of Republican Romans and a Carthaginian Army. John played the Romans and I fielded the Punic Army. The Romans army consisted of 1 x Triarius, 3 x Princeps, 3 x Hastatus, 3 x Raw Hastatus, 1 x Roman Cavalry, 2 x Velites & 1 x Syracusan slingers. They also had a General, Army Standard Bearer plus a Consul who rode with the cavalry on the wing.

The Punic army consisted of 1 x Veteran Infantry, 1 x Samnite spearmen, 2 x Gallic veteran, 2 x Gallic warriors, 1 x Gallic cavalry, 3 x Elephants, 1 x Balearic slingers, 1 x Ligrian slingers and 1 x skirmishers unit. I know if you looked at the army list then the army would not be allowed, if playing by the rules set down in Warhammer Ancients. But we were just keen for a game and put the armies together.

The game flowed backwards and forwards until my three elephants were defeated in close combat against John's troops and stampeded back into my own line, causing two of my main units and two skirmisher units to flee back towards the rear edge of my table. However the end result was not met as I had to head off to work, thus the game finished early.

Almost all the figures used were owned and painted by Leroy Simpson, just two units of slingers and the two A&A miniatures elephants were painted and owned by myself. Pictured above is a Carthaginian elephant painted by Leroy. Crew are Essex miniatures.

A&A Miniatures Samnites

The Roman General, Army Standard Bearer and followers. All figures are from the 1st Corps Miniatures

1st Corps Miniatures Gallic warband.

Roman and Gallic cavalry clash on the wing. All figures are from 1st Corps

Hannibals veteran spearmen from A&A Miniatures


Stuart said...

Beautiful figures. I've got 15mm DBA Carthaginian/Republican Roman armies to paint up, so these images are going into my reference folder!

Vinnie said...

Yes Leroy does a fantastic job. He still amazes me everytime he paints figures for himself.

I'll let him know you liked the figures