Friday, January 26, 2007

Vendel Macedoians

I was requested by a good friend of mine, Scott Robertson, to up load a few more photos of the Vendel Miniatures Macedonian Argyraspids. I have painted them as the famed 'Silver Shields' who saw many a notable battle in the last years of Alexanders life and the early years of the Wars of the Successors. The figures a very easy to paint and have good detail which allows for the easy painting. I have also included a shot of a Vendel Miniatures base and one from my A&A Miniatures phalanx, just to give you a comparison in the size difference.


Scott Robertson said...

Hey mate great stuff, Vendel look pretty good next to AA but they are still big figures. I will start on the unit that you gave me soon for the big game in Easter. I will borrow Robert's excellent desert terrain, he has enough for 12x6 feet. I will build 2 camps so that we can use Jeff's special camp rules. Eumenes versus Antigonus will be the go. Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

No worries Scott, sorry it took a few days to put the pictures up and glad you liked them. I spoke to Gerry the other day and he is very keen for us to put on the game (more the merrier). I will try and paint up some more units as well for the game. Bit low on cavalry, so they will be the first to go on the painting board.

All the best