Monday, January 22, 2007

Spartan vs Hoplite

Yesterday we had a massive Warhammar Ancients, 3700pt, game at Leroy's house. The table was small, but for a 'up the guts' encounter that is all you really need. Leroy's Spartans comprised of only four pike, four skirmish units and one heavy cavalry unit. Where as the Allied side consisted of nine pike, five skirmish and one heavy cavalry unit. But as myself and Peter found out the Spartans are very tough to beat, even if they are out numbered two to one.

As you can see the Allied line looked impressive, but after a few turns the two middle Spartan units, including the King, broke through the centre. Our General was run of the field and the other Allied units were not long in following. Not one unit of the Spartan phalanx fell. It just proves with a saving roll of 3+ and a WS4 and T4, they are very hard to beat. Again 90% of the figures were painted by Leroy.

Most the the figures shown are 1st Corps, with other units made up of Blacktree Designs and Navigator Figures. I will put up some more photos of the Vendel Phalanx soon.

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