Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Somewhere in Germany - 1813

It has been a little while between games, but I had a good excuse....we were holidaying in Fiji. Anyway first game back was a nice 600pt game of Fortune & Glory..Prussian Vs French. I will write up a little report tomorrow, so till then please enjoy the images.



Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Small American Civil War Game Playing Fortune & Glory

Last night we played two small games using Andrew Parr's 'Fortune & Glory' Rules. One was this great little ACW game using the supplement for F&G, which has a number of additional army list including the American Civil War. The scenario used was 'Contest Ground', which is where both sides place one objective marker each along the centre line of the table and must keep two units in reserve. The game systems allows basically six turns of play to either capture the objectives or to destroy as many of the enemies units as possible to gain enough points to win the game. 

The rules state only four bases make up a unit of infantry or cavalry and artillery batteries two bases.  On each base there is place three to four figures for infantry and two figures for the cavalry. This is a good concept as it is a little easier on the wallet. However from looking at last night's game 24 figure regiments with six figures per base does look a little more attractive to the eye.

The boys did enjoy the rules and game with the Union player finally capturing the two objectives, which obtained him enough points to win the game. So please enjoy the images. Sorry some are a little poor as the lighting is not the best.

The Confederate commander observes the fall of shot from his supporting artillery battery

Union forces advance

A small battlefield of 4x6ft allows for a fun but fast game.

The Confederate commander decided to defend rather then attack, which stopped him from gaining any of the objectives. The Rebels have a nice force option which allows them to do the Rebel Yell. The yell makes the Union boys roll for morale, if they fail then they shoot shaken at the charging rebels.

Marching through a corn field is not fun. Restricted movement and vision

Causality markers are used through out the game to mark shaken units

The last Union charge goes in. In the ACW variant of F&G regiments can gain a +1 for each unit on the flanks and a +1 each for up to two regiments in rear support...nice. So to gain a victory in hand to hand you need to always support your charge to ensure victory.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Afghan Command Stand - Converted Perry and Foundry Miniatures

 I have just added a few sneaky (not that good due to the poor lighting) images of Leroy Simpson's final piece for his already impressive 2nd Afghan War collection - The Afghan Army Commander. Leroy has done a fantastic job at converting a number of figures from Perry and Foundry to produce the desired effect fro his command stand. The only thing missing is the Army Standard as I was to impatient to wait. But I am sure over the next couple of months we will pull these bad boys out for another game. So please enjoy.



Thursday, March 20, 2014

To Capture a Blockhouse - 2nd Anglo Boer War

Last night the lads and myself played our first Anglo-Boer War game. The scenario was for the attacking Boer Commando to capture my newly finished 'Rice' blockhouse and of course the young lads from the Derbyshire Regiment and a section of field artillery were to try and stop them. In regards to the opposing sides the Boer Commando was made up of:

1 x Commander
1 x Sub Commander
1 x Section of 'Pom Pom' maxim machine guns
2 x Cavalry 
1 x Mounted Infantry
3 x Infantry units.

The British forces, though small were very well trained:

1 x Commander
1 x Sub Commander
1 x Section of Field Artillery
1 x Elite unit
3 x Drilled Professional Infantry

In all each side, using our clubs Colonial Rules, came to a 550pt game.

The game started with the respective opposing  forces deployed 12inches from the centre line or 24inches apart. However one British unit was placed in defence of the blockhouse. The Boers however were required to have two units ready for a flack attack and Dave the Boer commander chose the two units of cavalry for his flank attack. With the game going only for six turns it was very important for the Boers to capture the blockhouse as soon as possible or for the British to hold on to it .

The game played well I think for both the British and Boers with a few new rules to try out in regards to the Boers it made for an interesting game. The Boers using smokeless ammunition and fighting from concealed or loose formations were always had to hit and if a unit had not fired before it's first volley was devastating. An in addition one of the character choice for the Boers was to be frontier trained, meaning they would increase their weapon range by 4inches......deadly when normal range is only 12inches.

But even though Boer fire was very accurate and deadly the vastly superior training of the British Tommy enable them to hold the line and deliver fast accurate fire onto the attacking Boers. The Boer Mounted Infantry were the first unit to come under this accurate fire and was soon destroyed as an effective fighting force within the first two turns.

The Boer however learnt fast and soon changed their line of attack using cover and concealment to limit the effectiveness of the British Enfield and quick firing artillery.

Boers close in from three directions with one group covering will the other advances

Boers marksman tied down British troops on the other side of the camp

Accurate fire pins the British infantry in and around the blockhouse

My newly based 'Pom Poms' provided some very good fire onto the British but were soon receiving accurate counter battery fire from the British artillery, which soon knocked out one of the guns.

However on turn three the Boer flank attack finally cam on and changed the whole situation for the Boers. They quickly forced the British to change their defensive position in order to repulse a possible cavalry charge. Thus lessing the fire on the other attacking Boer units.

With fire slacking to their front the Boer infantry rushed forward to storm the blockhouse

Unhampered by the strong concentration of wire around the blockhouse they quickly overcame the stunned British infantry

So with the blockhouse finally taken and the British clearly shaken by it's lose victory went to the Boers...their first game against the British and they win..nice work lads.