Thursday, October 3, 2019

Frank or Saxon Raiding Party - Wargames Foundry

My latest basing for this week has been for the lads from a Frank or Saxon Raiding Party from the fantastic collection of Wargames Foundry. The figures have been painted by Ian Clark of 'Pro-Painted by Eye' in the UK, who has done a great painting the figures. I have based the lads up as my baggage camp for Basic Impetvs. I just have to finish basing and collection the rest of the army now.

Please enjoy



Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Battle of Trevilian Station - June 11 1864 (Custer's First Last Stand)

Today we played a fantastic ACW game based on the The Battle of Trevilian Station on the 11th June 1864. The actual battle went over two days and it ended in a Union defeat. However our scenario was for the first day of battle when General Custer managed to slip into Trevilian Station and capture the Confederate Cavalry baggage train. However unbeknown to him he had walked into a trap and would soon be attacked by three Confederate cavalry brigades under the command of  Gen Hampton, who was soon to be in command of the Confederate Cavalry Corps (replacing Jeb Stewart).  

Our game started with Custer's Wolverines ridding into Tevilian Station along Kent Mills Road. The Confederate baggage train was up for grabs. 

The 5th Michigan rides into the Station. General Custer and right behind them

Horse Artillery 

General Custer

The Confederate baggage 

The Confederate Quartermaster can not believe his eyes as the Union trooper advance into Trevilian Station and capture the entire baggage train.

Quick send word to General Hampton and tell him the baggage train has been captured 

Trevilian Station and the outlining buildings

Confederate General Rosser's Brigade of four regiments arrived and the Battle begins in ernest. 

Two regiments immediately dismount and pour in carbine fire at the startled Union cavalrymen. 

Two other regiments from Rosser's Brigade attack from the other side of the road.

The 5th Michigan are caught in column and attempt to charge through the dismounted Confederates

Hand to hand fighting is fierce and both sides take casualties   

With the road now blocked two other regiments from Custer's command try to out flank Rosser's line.

The Union horse artillery move up to support

But it is too late for the 5th Michigan. They are soon hit in the flank and take heavy casualties. Their regimental commander soon raises the white flag and surrenders. 

Seeing the 5th MI regiment destroyed the 6th Michigan dismount and pour a heavy fire into the enemy

Soo the horse artillery opens fire and forces the Confederate Cavalry to seek cover.

With the fighting at Trevilian Station taking all of Custer's attention he has failed to look after his rear. Soon two additional Confederate Cavalry Brigades, under overall command of General Frizhugh Lee, arrived to Custer's rear and block is escape. Custer is caught in the trap.

Lomax's Brigade is the first to hit the Union cavalry 

Confederate horse artillery deploys across the Virginia Central R.R line

Elements of General Wickham cavalry brigade also arrive in support of Lomax's Brigade

The 1st Michigan are caught in the rear but put up a stubborn defence and eventually pushes back the 15th Virgina

Lee's Brigades deploy closing the door on Custer's only escape route

Custer's command now trapped at Trevilian Station are determined to stand their ground and put up a well directed defence. Hopefully the rest of the Union Cavalry Division will arrive from the north and  help Custer's command break free of the encirclement.

The 7th Michigan dismount and pour a rapid fire from their repeater carbines into the charging Confederate cavalry

Yippee!! Help is on the way. Two Union Cavalry Brigades under the commands of General Devlin and  Gregg have arrived fast on the heels of two retreating Confederate cavalry brigades under the commands of Butler and Wright. 

More Union Horse artillery arrives and soon deploys in support of the Union advance....can they break through to Custer??

Oh! No! the 6th Michigan are caught in the rear and run down by the 1st Virginia. Many are captured the remainder scatter to the wind

The 5th Virginia dismounts and starts to fire at the Union Horse artillery, forcing the gunners to shelter behind their guns and limbers

Taking heavy fire from the 5th Virginia the Union Horse artillery boys try to respond but many fall

Randol's Horse Artillery battery deploys and pours canister fire into the 6th South Carolina 

General Merritt's Brigade charges the Confederate line

Eight Union Cavalry regiments charge a depleted Confederate line of two weaken Cavalry Brigades, hoping to break through to Trevilian

But the Confederate stand their ground and counter charge across the line. In places the Union Regiments are forced back 

But the Union forces are too late. Stiff resistance from Butler's and Wright's Confederate Brigades stops the Union forces from breaking through. 

General Custers brigade has taken heavy causalities and surrenders. 

Overall a great afternoon of gaming and thanks to John Magure and Brett Morris for coming over for the game. History did not repeat it's self this time though it was a tough fight and Custer's boys put up a great fight.