Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Vikings are Coming!!!!

Our clubs' Master Painter, Leroy Simpson, has managed to do it again by finally finishing this outstanding Gripping Beast Longboat. Leroy has been working on the boat and crew for almost a year now, in between other projects and commissions. However I have to admit that it was most certainly worth the wait, Leroy has done a great job. The sail and rigging was all scratch built by Leroy as too was the base. All we need now is another one so we can bring SAGA to the high seas. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Photos from a Small Game of Basic Impetvs

I took these photos a few weeks ago just before we played a double sized Basic Impetvs sorry there are no additional action shots from the game. Our opposing sides were from the Antigonus and Eummes Army lists. Pike vs Pike can make for a very interesting game, if not a little tough at times as well. In our fight Antigonus's Army only just defeated Eummes forces and it had come down to the very last turn...a very neck to neck race with the one who had the final initiative won. All the figures are from my own collection.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Captain Mainwaring's Home Guard Platoon

Just before I set out for another trip over to beautiful PNG I managed to slip over to Leroy Simpsons' house and snap a few images of some of the fine figures he has been painting for commissions. One of his latest commissions is for our friend Gavin Shanks who Leroy has painted the fantastic Bolt Actions Dad's Army Home Guard Platoon box set for and Leroy has done again an outstanding job. 

Years ago Leroy painted up his own set of Home Guard figures however they were from the very nice Wargames Foundry set and I believe both sets are equally the same in style and character. I hope Gavin enjoys the figures and that they will soon see a little action on the 'Home Front'

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Antigonos the One-Eyed

Antigonos the One-Eye has always been a favourite character of mine and I have war-gamed many a battle with him in command....however I have never actually managed to buy a character figure to represent him on the tabletop. Unfortunately I still have not....I painted the two figures on this post for a friend in Perth. Really why would he need two???? Either way the figures are a great little addition to his army. I believe they were a promotion figure for Gripping Beast's Successor Range and sadly have never been re-released.....maybe one day. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Seleucid War Elephant

Over the last couple of days I have expanded my Seleucid Impetus Army by adding a Seleucid War Elephant to the ranks. The figure is a combination of three manufactures....the elephant is from 1st Corps, the crew are Aventine Miniatures and the escorts are from Crusader Miniatures. All of which I think support each other nicely. Lets just hope the big fella makes it into combat.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Late Period Thracian Infantry - The Kallinikos Skirmish

And the painting continues....over the last couple of days I have managed to paint two very nice Crusader Miniatures Late Period Thracian's for my Impetvs collection. I have had these figures in a box for a long long time and finally, after playing Basic Impetvs, decided that they needed a coat of paint and an Army to join. Thus I created two Light Infantry Thracian units for my Successor Pike Army. 

Both units I have painted come from the Osprey Publishing 'The Thracians' plate F (The Kallinikos Skirmish 171 BC). The first unit, in the brown and white strips, represents figure F3. This figure is shown in the clothes worn by a hunter in Alexandrovo tomb paintings. But I think the brown sets the figures and unit off very nicely.

The second unit is painted from figure F1, who represent the Thracian's described by Plutarch at the Battle of Pydna. They were described as wearing black tunics. Black can be hard to shade but I am happy with the finish product.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Back in Ancients thanks to Impetvs

After about six years of not seeing daylight and living in the cupboard thanks to 'Basic Impetvs' I have finally dragged my Ancient Armies back out into the sunlight and onto the gaming table. Actually that is not quite true I have had a small number of units units out each Friday night, over the last month, learning how to play Impetvs. However yesterday I decided to double the Beta Army lists and create a larger Basic Impetvs game. 

During the afternoons game we had on one side an Alexandrian Imperial Army and on the other a Classical Indian Army. Both fielded by Generals with the same name...'Dave'...Dave Lowe and Dave Hancox. Neither general had played Impetvs and using the Basic set was a fantastic way to introduce them to the system.

Our game was not about who could win but more about learning...however the Classical Indian Army did eventually win...those damned elephants were a little hard to overcome. But I think both the Dave's enjoyed the experience and will hopefully come back for more.

Classical Indian Light Infantry

All my Alexandrian figures were re-based a few years ago by a good friend, Scott Robertson, who has put his personal touch to the units. This one has a dead elephant in the ranks, another has a destroyed scythed chariot.

The silver shields

Massed Indian Elephants. My whole Indian Army is Old Glory.

Defeat came when two of the Macadonian pike blocks were hit in the flanks by Elephants...nasty