Monday, September 17, 2018

Sharp's Practice - Spain 1809

I have never really been one to play skirmish style gaming however I do believe I have taken a liking to Sharp's Practice. After watching a couple of tutorials on the good old Youtube and a quick read of the rules we put together a very basic game just to get the mechanics and feel for the game. We were all very surprise to know that the rules played very well and we quite fun. No arguments just laughter for most of the afternoon. I would thoroughly recommend the system to anymore not too serious about winning and just looking for a fun afternoon with the lads. Thanks John for the figures and terrain. 

Friday, August 24, 2018

Pontic Vs Marian Roman - Basic Impetvs

The last of our three Basic Impetvs games played the other weekend was a nice little battle between a later Pontic Army (with Imitation Legionnaires) and the forces of the newly organised Republican Army (Marian Romans). The game played very well and two units of Imitation Legionaries were a tough opponent for the Romans but in the ens not as tough as we would of hoped....the Romans were just too tough. Again I would have liked to have played a larger game with a few more troops on the board......maybe a game of 'The Strongest' might be on the cards.

I hope you like the images of the game.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Middle Republican Roman Vs Late Seleucid

Our second game last Sunday was another great game of Basic Impetvs however, this time it was Middle Republican Romans vs Late Seleucid. Again a great little game but a little tougher for the Romans as the Seleucids deployed some imitation legionaries and a nasty armoured a scythed chariot. My scythed chariot looked menacing but unfortunately it fell short of the mark when the driver and horses went down in a deep of dust and dirt after being hit numerous times by Roman pilums. The imitation legionnaires did a little better in the first two rounds of combat but in the end they too added their numbers to the Roman pilum effectiveness. So it was another victory for the Romans, the second victory to them in the one day. I would however like to play a larger game where I would hope my more numerous cavalry would carry me to victory. 

Please enjoy.