Sunday, March 22, 2020

A little Bit of Classical Indian - The Miniatures Company

This morning I finally completed the 'baggage camp' for a friends Classical Indian Impetvs Army. Now I know it does not actually look like a baggage camp, however it will certainly look good on the table top. 

The figures are from the very nice range of Classical Indians by The Miniatures Company. They are larger than most other ranges but certainly paint up well and have some nice characters. The figures featured in this post were painted by our Mr Leroy Simpson. The Hindu God Ganesh was purchased from my local Pet Barn and came fully painted and weathered....amazing. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Another Battle During the Dutch Wars of Independence - 1598

Last Sunday the lads at the club played a fantastic Pike & Shot game based on the Dutch/Spanish 80YW, however focused on the transition period of the Dutch Army when they were converting Lancer Regiments to Cuirassier Regiments so close to 1598 ish. The two sides were evenly match in points (900 points per side) when using the Baroque rules, however the might of the Spanish Tercios certainly proved their worth as the masters of the battlefield. Our Dutch cavalry eventually defeated their Spanish counterparts but unfortunately the infantry regiments suffered badly from overwhelming Spanish artillery fire and when fronting the massed regiments of the Spanish Tercios. 

Thanks must go to John Maguire for suppling the Spanish, the Dutch are from my collection, and to David Lowe and Terry Moran for being such good sports throughout the game. Overall we all had fun which is what it is all about. So hopefully you will enjoy the latest images from out game.

All the best